besthostingforums Rules and Guidelines

The Following are NOT ALLOWED
anywhere on the forum including shoutbox & PM's:

  • Duplicate Accounts ? Users having more than 1 account may be banned permanently
  • Users may not share accounts
  • Service providers may not hide their IP, see Here
  • We have strict rules when calling out a "scam." Please read them
  • URL shorteners
  • Torrent Invites, Money Exhange, VCC or Uploading Services (Offering or Requesting)
  • Warez, paid scripts/mods/themes, or anything else illegal
  • Asking members for rep / thanks / likes
  • URLs or references to competing sites
  • Mini-Modding ? only 1 person may advise another member if a rule is broken - all others should use the report function.
  • Shouting, i.e. typing words in FULL CAPITALS
  • Racism
  • Referral links
  • Making false/joke bids in the Marketplace
  • Advertising, linking to otherwise promoting cracking sites or sites with stolen account information
  • Offering or requesting hacking
  • Phishing links or anything harmful to users (viruses)
  • Cookie Stuffing or Cookie Dropping (immediate ban)
  • Double posting (i.e. making two posts consecutively in the same thread)
  • Spamming the forum, shoutbox or PM?s
  • Selling free scripts, free domains, free blogs, etc..
  • Sale or Trade of accounts including Download accounts, VIP accounts, Premium Accounts, ad words, Credit/Debit cards and ebooks
  • Nudity, Porn and offensive material - includes imagehost links which give out adult pop-up ads.
  • Bumping threads or requesting a bump
  • Selling of Facebook likes, Google+/Twitter/Pinterest Youtube Followers etc including but not limited to other similar sites since it violates the TOS of respective sites. Look here for more information.
  • Selling of FB Pages/Groups, Youtube Channels etc but not limited to similar things since you do not own the domains. To sell Facebook Pages, you need to have express written permission from them (as per their TOS). Look here for more information.


  • Respect all members and staff.
  • Only use English
  • Use the search function before starting new threads
  • Threads you create should be universally appealing. Gearing your discussions towards one specific community, ethnicity, geographical location, etc or in any way or form restricting it to a specific group of people is not allowed or encouraged.

New Members

  • Newly registered members are referred to as Probationary Members, who have limited access to the features at besthostingforums, including limited access to certain subforums. Probationary Members must wait a period of 2 days (48 hours) and make a minimum of 2 posts prior to these limitations being removed, which is done automatically (but may take up to 15 minutes, so be patient).

Posting and Threads

  • Thread titles: When creating a new thread, the thread title must adhere to these guidelines.

    • Thread title must be descriptive of the nature of your post.
      Thread titles such as "What the hell?" or "I need some help" are not descriptive.

    • Thread titles must not contain excessive question and exclamation marks.
    • The use of the vertical bar symbol "|" is often misused in thread titles. Do not use this and use commas instead.

  • If you require the title of your existing thread changed, use the "Report" feature.
  • Search the forums before you create a new thread. It's likely someone else has already created a similar one.
  • Please always stay on topic, spamming or mindless posting is not needed.
  • Please always remember to Use [Slide] Tag's when posting an image.

Giveaway Threads

  • Threads that giveaway stuff to the community in good spirit must be posted only in the Giveaways section (in MarketPlace)
  • Giveaways are only allowed if they are not restricted to a certain community, ethnicity, geographical location, country, etc etc. In short, only post a giveaway if everyone is eligible to enter it.

Subforum Rules

Certain forums have additional rules and guidelines.


  • The total contents of your signature must not exceed 100 pixels in height.
  • You cannot promote sites or services that you don't own (text or banner)
  • You cannot campaign/boycott for or against ranks.
  • Your signature can only contain ONE image.
    • Maximum dimensions of which is 700 pixels width by 100 pixels height.
    • File size of your signature image can be no more than 50 KB.

  • If found to violate these signature rules, staff may remove signature contents without notice.

Infractions and Bans

  • Members that violate rules will receive a warning in the form of an infraction or ban.
  • Banned members will see a Justification Forum where they may discuss their ban and request a review. Opening a dupe account is NOT allowed.


  • If you are banned from the shoutbox, do not start a thread about it. Wait a few minutes, then check here for the reason: Shoutbox Bans
  • Do not advertise in the shoutbox or ask for help with complicated matters. The Shoutbox is for small talk.


If in doubt, create a new thread with your inquiry in the
besthostingforums Feedback forum or contact a moderator directly.

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