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    Default Free VPS Service From KnowinServers


    We are offering Free vps service for our members.

    VPS Specs:
    Intel Core2Quad 6600
    512 MB Ram
    60 GB Hard disk
    100 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth.
    Location: Germany

    We have 10 VPS to offer.
    VPS will be offered for one week and then it will be given to the next people in queue.


    Only Students or Non earning people Allowed

    1 You Need to be KWWH Member with more than 100 Posts or 2 Months Old least.
    2 You shouldnt be a noob or a idiot. You should know to make proper use of the vps.
    3 No Software support will be offered and please dont ask for the same
    or else your vps will be terminated.
    4 Child porn , spamming , hacking sites etc are not allowed rest is allowed.

    I Know that all of you will be intrested now,
    so Please post over here if you need one and why..

    Special Reason for this Charity
    One of KWWH members on my msn was talking to me and he was asking me
    about our business and then he started revealing about his personal life.
    He wanted to buy a vps and earn money from it, but he didnt have money to
    invest coz his family was poor and he was a student .....
    So there must be many students around here, who have ideas
    make money but just cant afford it.

    So here is the chance for you people go and make money for yourself
    and hopefully help out other needy people

    Anyways thats the reason behind this thread.

    Right now i have 10 vps to offer.
    Please who need them post it in this thread with your valid reason.
    Also, this is not a free server, i am offcourse paying for it.
    So i expect you to respect this service and dont abuse it.

    Post Here why you need it and try to convince me

    People Using the VPS:
    Rapid S

    Thank you

    Best Regards
    Glenn Reviewed by Glenn on . Free VPS Service From KnowinServers Hello.. We are offering Free vps service for our members. :) VPS Specs: Intel Core2Quad 6600 512 MB Ram 60 GB Hard disk 100 Mbps Unmetered Bandwidth. Rating: 5
    Intel Xeon E3 -1240 16 GB DDR3 Ram 4 x 1 TB HDD 1 Gbit 100 TB BW -
    Location:Netherlands 185 Euros/Month- PM me to order

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    i need 1
    i will use rapidleech on it ..
    it just like my dream is fulfilled
    .?.?.?.?*??) .........?.?*?)........

    Great Idea man....

    hats off....

    can i get a slot...

    1. im a student ECE
    2. greater than 100 post
    3. more than 2 months experiance in KWWH

    i want to upload and earn money... !


    PS: appreciate ur sharing mentality
    #1 Designer IN KWWHunction

    Portfolio Thread in KWWH : XxX's GFX Service
    Temporary Portfolio: Here

    mmm mmm!
    I would love to have one for my site and for my script.

    Waiting for your PM, thanks in advance.
    HATERS GONNA probably bring up some valid points considering I am an ignorant little twat so far up my own ass that i blame my problems on everyone and if you criticize me you're automatically wrong.

    Amazing man.

    As you know, I am a student so please reserve one for me.
    A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. ? George Bernard Shaw
    Designer. Check my designs here.

    hello i need a slot brother

    to run my community website
    Not Allowed

    I need one dude! I'm a student and earn nothing
    I want to make a rapidleech.
    Plus may be add another site too

    good idea mate. this will really help few users

    One week is a very small time span if you are offering the VPS to earn money.
    Anyways good idea and best of luck

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