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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPeanut420 View Post
    If you lost your MSN password go to MSN email support :

    You have to give all informations about your problem and about your identity :
    * Your e-mail (the "Windows Live ID").
    * Your first name ant full name.
    * Your date of birth (month / day / year).
    * Your country.
    * The state, province or department in which you reside.
    * Your zip code.
    * The IP address of each computer used to access your account, or the most commonly used. To find your IP address, visit :
    * The answer to your secret question (if you don't remember it, notify it).
    * Emergency address email registered for this account (if no emergency address, notify it).
    * Your Internet service provider (at work or at home).
    * The date and approximate time of your last login.
    * The information below:
    o For Windows Live Hotmail user :
    + Examples of files names which you created in addition to those existing by defect
    + Examples of contacts contained in your address book.
    + Examples of old email titles contained in your inbox folders or messages.
    o For Windows Live Messenger user :
    + Examples of contacts contained in your contact list.
    + The nickname under which you appear on Windows Live Messenger.
    o For Xbox Live users :
    + The number of prepaid card for your Xbox (This information must match the email address you used to connect).
    o For subscribers to paid services (Windows Live Hotmail Plus or Microsoft Office Live):
    + The last four digits of your payment.
    + The full name as it appears on the card.
    + The expiration date of your payment as it appears on your card.

    VERY IMPORTANT! Write your request in a clear and understandable English, avoiding the SMS language, spelling and abbreviations!
    Remember and do not forget that this is the only way you can expect to recover your account. !

    Best regards
    its very easy to Retrieve a email this is a Hotmail sample
    with your IP and some basic questions
    they will have your email back to u in under a day!
    People use that very same method to hack into accounts, lol.

    You can get your account back easily with the above method, but once you do get it back, use GMail or for all your important accounts.

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    you solicit you pass with secret anks question

    I had never used my real information for any of my account, means If I got hacked I'll screwed up .

    Hope you will get your account back by following the procedure that MrPeanut420 has posted.

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