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    Quote Originally Posted by sniffdog View Post
    I personally like imageporter better ... because it seems they have better payouts. But they are banned on pornbb ...
    me tooh, but let's see how this goes.

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    Can we use this or Imageporter on warez bb topics?
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    Wow Thats One Fine Also Will Check It Out Later
    Dear Haters,
    "I respect you so much, that's why I salute you with 1 middle finger!"

    Thank You !

    my earning is dropped on imagetwist
    bcoz now u can only earn 5 points per unique view instead of 8
    bcoz imagetwist admin reduced the points on per unique view.

    admin also reduced 2$ for 1000 Unique view to 1.25$

    Tier 1 - 1.25$ Per 1000 Unique Views (5.00 Points Per Unique View)

    before it was 2$ for 1000
    Unique Views and (8.00 points per Unique View)
    (May be iam wrong but i think iam right)

    looking for some other image hosting site with a better earning option

    Website's: sexyBB.Info

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