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    Quote Originally Posted by Speakup View Post
    Call to undefined function now()
    that is to the

    $time = now();
    Shit sorry it's late here and I'm not thinking straight. Use time() instead. You can also use date. Have a look at to see what type of day you want and how you want it displayed.

    eg 1st July 2010, 1-7-2010, 7-1-10, etc etc.

    I've moved this to the coding area as it's more of a coding topic than a Tutorial.
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    So would it be $time = time(m-d-Y); ?

    Yea that is right. Thanks for all the help!

    If you use what i posted you dont need to do that, when the data is inserted it automatically inserts a timestamp aswell.

    just echo date("d/m/y", $row['timestamp'])

    this still vuln to many other attacks other than SQL injection(XSS,CSRF,....).
    User input should be validated correctly for any HTML/PHP tags for that u can use strip_tags or htmlspecialchars.
    And don't you ever trust the user.Always filter their input.

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