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    whats that issue?
    while leeching from warez-centre, i am unable to post the images and some other things

    but it was working fine with WBB... why its not now showing the images and other text it shows the coding rather than images etc
    how to fix that

    You should modify .XML file. Warez-centre use <b> instead of [b] and it happen with img tag too, <img> instead of [img]

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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <!-- SharpLeech 2.x.x SiteReader Plugin -->
    <!-- Version MUST be in x.x.x.x format! -->
    <SiteReader pluginVersion="" pluginAuthor="Hyperz">
            <!-- Supported type values are: IP.Board 3.x.x, IP.Board 2.x.x,
                 vBulletin 4.x.x, vBulletin 3.x.x, phpBB 3.x.x, phpBB 2.x.x -->
            <Type>IP.Board 3.x.x</Type>
            <!-- If unsure choose ISO-8859-1. Except for phpBB 3 boards, they use UTF-8 by default. -->
            <!-- Set to true if the site uses SEO urls, otherwise false. -->
            <Section title="Programs" id="14" />
            <Section title="Games" id="15" />
            <Section title="Movies" id="16" />
            <Section title="Tv Shows" id="65" />
            <Section title="1 Link Movies" id="30" />
            <Section title="HD Movies" id="39" />
            <Section title="Music/Albums" id="17" />
            <Section title="Templates/Scripts" id="27" />
            <Section title="Ebooks/Tutorials" id="43" />
            <Section title="Streaming Media" id="28" />
            <Section title="Adult (18+)" id="18" />
            <Section title="Guest Downloads" id="61" />
            <Section title="Gfx Downloads" id="21" />
            <Section title="Gfx Tutorials" id="46" />
            <Section title="Hacking Tutorials" id="62" />
            <Section title="Hacking Tools" id="63" />
            <Section title="Exploits" id="26" />
            <Section title="Account dumps" id="42" />
        <!-- Edit this when the site requires custom parsing -->
            protected override void Init()
            public override void LoginUser(string username, string password)
                base.LoginUser(username, password);
            public override void LogoutUser()
            public override string[] GetTopicUrls(string html)
                return base.GetTopicUrls(html);
            public override SiteTopic GetTopic(string url)
                return base.GetTopic(url);
            public override SiteTopic GetTopic(int topicId)
                return base.GetTopic(topicId);
            public override HttpWebRequest GetPage(int sectionId, int page, int siteTopicsPerPage)
                return base.GetPage(sectionId, page, siteTopicsPerPage);
            public override void MakeReady(int sectionId)
    where to edit the XML?
    can u fix that and send it to me?

    works great i just need 2 more xml's and i will donate once i know they work for those sites great prog for warez but not so good when it comes to reg topics lol with out the xmls if any one would like to do them hit me up on yahoo messenger my sn is sql.injections


    Default i cant upload plugin...

    when i try to download plugin n paste it in siteReader folder... it doesnt show In SL or if i modify the old.. it removes it self from SL site List.... why ?? Pls heLP!!

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