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    i think pm space should be 150 for normal 200 for vips/respected

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quick Sand View Post
    i think pm space should be 150 for normal 200 for vips/respected
    PM space is one of the biggest tables in the DB after topics. On an active site like KWWH where their are lots of PM it's huge. If it was made bigger people would only be back in 3 months asking for it to be bigger again. The size of PM space is large enough and you can download any PM's you want to keep. This has being discussed several times already.

    About the VIP. Agree with Loget. Too many carders and scammers and I don't think KWWH needs the additional money anyway. Their's enough problems with people constantly requesting and looking for the Respected rank already. The less ranks the better as they don't mean shit.
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    I don't think there will be anything "worth" in a V.I.P. section if KWWHunction had one...
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    Yeah, sorry but I have to agree with everyone, a VIP section just isn't necessary.
    And about the PM's, as Mr. Happy said, 100 is enough. If that isn't enough for you, then just delete your PM's? I don't see why you have to have so many, my inbox is full and I just delete them. If you really need to save them as ej_j said somewhere in a post, just download and save them to your pc.

    Something that KWWH does need however, are more rules. Especially when it comes to the buy/sell and hosting forums. (Such as possibly more sections, rules against who can post / what can be posted, wtc).

    There wouldn't be any good VIP stuff to give, think about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by narutoroot View Post
    I think KWWHunction should have a premium system kinda like DP. It would help bring in income and make a lotta of members happy

    For instance, the thing where you can highlight your threads in the marketplace, or bump one thread every seven days, and things like more pm space.

    Just a thought.. Thanks KWWH/BJers
    KWWHunction has Katz, from where earning comes.
    Also there are 4 Adspots and a big banner ad, which already brings good amount of money.

    So I dont think it would be a good idea to implement these changes.
    The way KWWH is right should be intact and that makes other people join here, unlike other sites where we find lots of scammers and stupid staff members.
    I am the TharkiBaba >_> Oh well thats my websites name -_-

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    Well, it might be a good idea for the Marketplace and Hosting offers.

    Normally advertising your business costs money, so why shouldn't it be here on KWWH? Furthermore, if VIP marketplace screws up, it's easy to ban them (after thorough investigation) and forfeit their VIP fee. Plus moderators have an easier life due to avoiding those one day hosts and Burst resellers.

    It is like I pay money to get trusted, I dont think if its a good idea

    from the point of view of earning, i believe KWWHunction earns enough to run the site and from the point of view of members getting VIP services, what kinda stuff are you talking about?? coz, this site has alot of members, who can be really dodgy at times, like Loget said, and can never be expected of what turns are being taken, so its better not to deal with such stuff, and carry on as it is going.


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