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    In the revenue plans interesting “recurring orders”, does “recurring orders” means I will be rewarded when the customer “extend” its own account?
    That is:
    Plan 3: 50% revenue share of all recurring orders--> I will be rewarded when the customer “extend” its own account even if it he has created it initially by himself (without my advertising)
    Plan 4: 25% revenue share of all initial and recurring orders-->if the customer starting from my banner complete the purchase something will be ALWAYS tracked because or he is a new affiliate or “extend” its already created account, I want to say ONE of the option is always tracked
    Am I right?

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    still no CC and still i have days with ZERO rebills

    Quote Originally Posted by chicoes View Post
    its been 5 days which some of it are in weekend so its even less than 5 days, so whats with the sad face? its not gonna be in your bank account in 2 days you know. have some patience, geez
    I am still not get my international bank tranfer payment, I received an mail from netload and inform me its upto 5 working days to send money, but 10 days are running when Netload get me paid???

    Quote Originally Posted by tofuwizard View Post
    ^Deleted after 30 days if you used more than 500gb of storage space.
    wow, even for premium account?

    Has anyone else had random folders of theirs just empty in the past couple of days, didn't get a DMCA takedown notice (you know, those abuse message about your files emails) just logged on and they were empty, wasn't due to inactivity as they were my pc backups and im constantly downloading them as im making changes on my pc.

    Wtf man!

    requested a payout on 14.11.2012 and still is in 'requested' "We will handle your further payouts within 2 working days, no matter which amount!" is not like that.
    NEW DLE Blog -->

    ^ i had a same request on 14.11.2012, and still shows 'requested'
    i already get used to shit like this, do not take their promise too seriously.
    or you will hurt yourself harder.

    maybe they will send the money on Monday, and then you will get the money before next Sunday if you are using international bank wire, if you are using EU bank, or German Bank,then it would be before Friday i guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by MediaStar View Post
    wow, even for premium account?

    This really stinks, I was over that limit before the PP issues. Now I extended my account for 1 year instead of requesting $$ but files will still be deleted.

    O well, I'm holding on to see if they bounce back, I made another sale sale 4 days ago.

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