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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzo View Post
    100$ max
    Not really. You just don't know how to do business.

    I used to flip websites, bought them for $100, sold for $500.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mazzo View Post
    100$ max
    lol no. No. I have a small saying I live by with my work. I charge what I feel I'm worth. Don't wanna pay it? Fuck off. Go to the next guy then. Maybe you will get good work if he is charging 4x less, but usually not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qoo View Post
    I do web design for local clients @ $300 (5-page) for the basic website and $100 for per additional page.

    For management, it's an additional $30/month (minor updates and hosting).

    If you are using a pre-made, do make some adjustments here and there so it looks unique.
    That seems like a very generous amount of money to be paid for a basic website. And, it just goes to show how you will always earn more when you work with local businesses offline rather than trying to secure clients online as most people online expect the same thing for a few dollars and are not willing to pay you what it's worth.

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