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    INXY proudly announces partnership with Velia dedicated servers provider!

    INXY hosting marketplace continues expanding the range of providers and products. We are happy to announce that we have added a series of dedicated servers from Velia company to our catalog! INXY customers are free to choose from six locations: Strasbourg (France), Hong Kong (China), Frankfurt (Germany, and three datacenters in the USA (Los Angeles, Miami, St. Louis). is part of the GoDaddy group, a market-leader in hosting and domain registrations.

    Key advantages of Velia servers include:
    * Easy customization;
    * Reliability and exceptional speed;
    * Multi-homed 200+ Gb/s global backbone;
    * Multiple server options in six data center locations.

    Since 2003, Velia has been providing high-quality hosting solutions for companies of all sizes, starting from eCommerce and finishing by healthcare. Your organization can benefit from their solutions, too!

    Want to order a Velia’s dedicated server? Contact us in live chat or send us email to

    Affordable dedicated servers are always available in INXY marketplace.
    INXY - it is our duty to make business enjoyable!

    Adam Greer's Avatar
    Meet new servers on INXY marketplace!

    Wanted to order a dedicated server for better coverage in Latin America? Here’s a golden opportunity to do that. INXY marketplace proudly presents our new partner – Maxihost. It provides high-quality dedicated servers with various technical characteristics – you can easily choose and customize hosting solutions. Maxihost runs datacenters in:

    • Chicago
    • Miami

    That means you can cover both North and South America and achieve excellent website loading speed, not mentioning boatloads of bandwidth you’ll have at your disposal.

    Why choose servers from Maxihost?

    1. 20 TB outbound traffic;
    2. Unlimited DDoS protection;
    3. 99.999% uptime;
    4. Bandwidth reporting;
    5. Convenient dashboard and API.

    A server with predefined configuration takes only 10 minutes to deploy, so what are you waiting for?

    If you need an affordable and efficient dedicated server located in Brazil or the USA, consider a Maxihost server from INXY marketplace. We will help you select a suitable option and set it up.

    Ready to make the order? Contact us via live chat on
    INXY - it is our duty to make business enjoyable!

    Adam Greer's Avatar
    Need Affordable Hosting? Dedicated Servers Super Sale!

    We continue to lower prices for our customers on a permanent basis and we are glad to announce that now, we offer LEASEWEB Servers with 10 Gbps channel and a package of 250 TB of prepaid traffic for less than 55% from the previous price.

    Hurry up! The sale will last only month in October. The offer is valid while the product is in stock.

    Have questions? Need guidance? Get professional advice from us totally for free.

    To order hosting services from INXY Marketplace сontact our customer support via live chat on INXY.COM, send e-mail to, skype, Viber or Facebook messenger. We are there for you 24/7.
    INXY - it is our duty to make business enjoyable!

    Adam Greer's Avatar
    Need high-quality hosting services but don’t want to overpay? INXY gives you the opportunity to save on hosting services and afford more!

    Meet our new cashback option!

    How to save $4 on hosting?
    1. Open our catalogue of hosting servers: select a suitable solution based on the RAM, bandwidth and other characteristics.
    2. Buy a server on our partner’s website.
    3. Return to INXY and contact our sales department in online chat and claim your cashback.

    The money will be sent to your account: feel free to spend it on servers on INXY website.

    Get the most bang for your buck with INXY! We offer the best hosting solutions for reasonable prices.
    INXY - it is our duty to make business enjoyable!

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