Version 2.02 released.

Open older version (or wait a bit if running) and press "Yes" when asked about the update to open the update page with all updating information.

  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Preview" -> "Gap between combined images".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Preview" -> "Border width (for each generated image)".
  • Added option in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Preview" -> "Font name".
  • Added new color options in "Settings" -> "Process" -> "Preview" -> for preview background: Light grey, Dark grey.
  • Added option in "Templates" -> "Video" -> "IMDB / TMDB" -> "If IMDB / TMDB information is not found" -> "If found title don't match exactly with title in filename (ignoring special characters) - move to section".
  • Fixed some uploading issues.
  • Other small improvements and fixes.

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