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    Default Closed ddl sites, forums and blog!

    Hey guys let's build a list of DDL sites, blogs and forums that are closed.

    I start with:
    mrrinmoy Reviewed by mrrinmoy on . Closed ddl sites, forums and blog! Hey guys let's build a list of DDL sites, blogs and forums that are closed. I start with: Rating: 5

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    Whats the purpuse of this thread anyway?

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    Waste of time as Phaze is most likely only temporary closed as it usually does every few months.

    Also everyone knows that most of the forums and blogs started on KWWH don't last more than 3-4 weeks and warez hosting is incredibly unreliable so what's online today is offline tomorrow but online again in 2-3 days but hacked or under a DOS attack. Then 5 days later the admin accidentally deletes the database and the site has restarted and he's looking for someone to make him a free logo as he's decided to change the domain too.

    This topic is going to be annoying as hell unless you create some rules like a minimum alexa etc.
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    What Happy said... one day your open. next day your not. next week your back up. day after that your down again.

    plus. some people are just uploading how they should have been uploading... for free. means it will be harder for them to pay server bills. you could see a shitload of sites just close down all at once for running out of funds. while others could be gaining funds.

    In all. this list is way to early to be put together.
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    Basically nowadays you can only run any warez or any site if you are capable to pay for its servers or hosting . Leaving few old forums, i guess most of the sites are just opened in sake to earn something from it but they can't even earn like 1$ in a month so they close the forum and then make mind to open up some warez blog when it gets some track but it goes down as the owner has no funds to pay for hosting , then after few weeks it will again come back but without any traffic as due to downtime loss. Its just regular process that can't be stopped till the owner is stable financially and mentally that he want to keep site running not in sake to earn from it but just for sharing stuffs .

    I bet all big warez sites has already faced so many problems in starting but now they are earning 3 times more then they pay for there servers . That's the matter of stability

    It's time to stop relying on DDL sites.. DDL traffic is very bad, it just kills your website.

    yes dont rely on ddl's as they can go down anytime

    OT : I think mukki got down as well ,

    yeah but who cares ! we will find new one may be Bukki or soon

    only mecho dosent reply rest all ddl replies
    PM Mindy prob solved @ Blackjack

    It's time to stop relying on DDL sites.. DDL traffic is very bad, it just kills your website.
    Yes ! even damages your SEO !
    My Avatar is 100% Me.

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    Some of you are stupid as hell. DDLs cannot "damage your SEO". Like seriously, where you got that from?

    Relying on traffic from DDL's ONLY is stupid and that's it, nothing more, nothing less.

    However, DDL's might end up getting penalized because of so many spam and shitty warez forums/websites link to it. Or, if you simply link to shitload of DDLs and then google penalize could you.

    Traffic is traffic.
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    damn... guys it's about the list.....

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