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    Default can themaposter post to wordpress sites?

    hjj guys,

    can themaposter post/comment to wordpress sites?
    yakamozz Reviewed by yakamozz on . can themaposter post to wordpress sites? hjj guys, can themaposter post/comment to wordpress sites? Rating: 5

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    No can not be

    ppl are so lazy these days , why u just dont check the features list on fredys site (themaposter developer -

    here's a list :


    Watch in HD and fullscreen for better view.

    • Reply to hundreds of your topics at the same time.
    • Create new threads in forums / blogs.
    • Add unlimited number of topics / templates.
    • Group your topics for easier organizing.
    • Add unlimited number of forums / blogs.
    • Built-in 206 popular forums which are ready to use.
    • Major forum / blog types supported (expand).
    • Full bbCode editor integrated.
    • Smart login and retry system.
    • Preview your formatted message before sending.
    • Schedule your posts. Automatic posting at chosen time.
    • Incredibly fast. Post submitted within seconds.
    • Prefixes and icons fully supported.
    • Easy to select wanted topics.
    • See a progression of each post.
    • Random questions and captcha support.
    • Automatic captcha processing.
    • Fully documented and how to use explained in details.
    • Easy access to your topics by double clicking.
    • Request custom forums.
    • All languages supported (even Chinese, Russian, etc.).
    • Supports Windows, Linux and Mac (via wine).
    • Auto-posting from directory.
    • Use proxy when posting.
    • Check for dead sites.
    • Save message and post it as it was later.
    • User friendly and easy to use.
    • Posts list - organize your posts.
    • Banned hosts, custom replacements, special tags to make posting better.
    • PM automatic checker on forums and blogs
    • Multiple language interfaces (expand).

      hope it helped u

    Quote Originally Posted by yakamozz View Post
    hjj guys,

    can themaposter post/comment to wordpress sites?
    yes, you can post in WP, DLE and all forums.

    can thema poster post in russian, spanish, german forums in their language? does it translate English language automatically to Spanish, French, Deutsch?


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